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ANISA, Inc. is a Puerto Rican editorial company established since 1980. It was founded and directed by Dr. Ana Ilsa Rivera Emmanuelli who, for over 30 years, has been engaged in many educational endeavors as teacher, school director and university professor. Her dedication, great vision, and transforming leadership, along with an excellent team of hired professionals, have been essential for the growth and stability of the company in the field of education.

The main goal of this company is to create, produce, and distribute educational books and materials. It provides excellent products including a large selection of posters, pictures for teachers, pictures for students, children and youth literature, textbooks, scholarly books, workbooks, and musical collections, among others. Throughout the years ANISA, Inc. continually extends and enriches its offerings in order to meet the needs of the different members of the educational community. Most recently, it has developed:

  • Curricular projects that serve in a more comprehensive and straightforward way core subjects such as Spanish, Mathematics, Science, and English, as well as socio-emotional aspects like values, emotional intelligence, resilience, sex education, and other related topics.
  • Digital publications which are part of the recent division of ANISA Multimedia.
  • Professional development for teachers, administrators, support staff, fathers, mothers, caretakers, or any other member of the school community that wishes to learn, extend, or reinforce their knowledge on the latest educational topics.
  • Proposals to meet identified needs of one or more members of the school community.
  • Educational magazines accessible to the general public without any charge.

ANISA, Inc. is recognized by the academic community, in and outside of Puerto Rico, as a company committed to educational excellence. The presence of its products in homes, classrooms, and universities, along with the positive comments of the quality services offered, brings about great pride and satisfaction. These aforementioned reasons motivate ANISA to continue its efforts to educate the mind and the heart.


Develop and provide resources and services that meet the educational needs of the different members that make up our society, especially mothers, fathers, students, and educators, as well as promote the development of moral human beings.


We aim at promoting the thinking capacity, emotional intelligence, and development of the civic and ethical values of human beings in order to contribute to the formation of moral men and women that can build the peaceful and prosperous society that we all desire.

ANISA Multimedia

The new division, ANISA Multimedia, has been set to create, develop, and provide educational resources in a digital format that:

  • respond to globalized curricular themes,
  • integrate the new trends in educational technology, and
  • promote an effective teaching-learning process.

In its first phase, it already includes the application LEA (Library of E-books Application) that, once downloaded for free, it allows you access to ANISA’s collection of children and youth literature.

For additional information, check our e-Books link in our ONLINE SHOP.

Coming soon…
ALI | ANISA’s Interactive Lessons

Educational Books and Materials

ANISA creates and produces a large variety of resources for different teaching levels (Pre-school, K-12, Adults), that includes:

  • Spanish Language Arts
  • Dual Language Material
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computers
  • Towards a Peaceful Culture (violence prevention, development of values, character formation, and emotional intelligence, among others)
  • Motivational products

Manipulatives / Card Sets

This series of manipulatives and card sets allows the development of brain-based activities that facilitate the understanding of concepts in subjects like Spanish, Mathematics, English, and Science.

Pictures for Teachers

More than 35 themes to choose from. Each theme includes eight 9” X 12” illustrations. Multiple teaching activities can be developed using these pictures. A number of sets include information, guide questions, and recommended activities. The variety of themes include topics such as environment, science, history, multiple intelligence, home, community, healthy eating and hygiene, among others.

A World of Pictures (Picture for students)

A collection of 3.75” X 5” pictures that includes 20 distinctive themes to choose from. Each theme has 30 different pictures with information on the back. A number of these themes include information in both English and Spanish. Recommended for

  • illustrating and informing in a concise way about general teaching themes.
  • promoting the development of vocabulary.
  • integrating activities that promote cooperative learning (work in pairs, small groups, etc.).

Compact Discs

There is scientific evidence of the benefits of integrating music to the teaching-learning processes. Music not only promotes better academic achievement, but it also improves socio-emotional development. Bearing these in mind, ANISA has created a series of compact discs with themes related to mathematical concepts, Spanish language arts, Puerto Rican culture, values education, emotional intelligence, and bullying prevention.


ANISA produces a variety of children and youth literature, textbooks, workbooks, coloring books, and publications for professionals, fathers, mothers, caretakers, and the general community. The textbooks and workbooks provide activities for the development of skills and concepts in the subjects of Spanish, Mathematics, English, and Science (Levels K-6, 7-12, and adults, but not necessarily available for all these subjects). Most of these textbook include a manual of recommendations (teacher’s guide) to facilitate the educator’s task.

Where can you purchase ANISA’s products?

ANISA’s educational books and materials can be purchased at school supplies, bookstores, and in some well-known chain pharmacies in Puerto Rico. Our products are distributed as well in Texas, Florida, New York, Chicago, Michigan, California, and other states in which there is a large Hispanic population. We also have distributors in Panamá, Perú, and Dominican Republic.